Haunted Ventures - Kelvedon Hatch Ghost Hunt

Do you want to participate in a Kelvedon Hatch ghost hunt? Here at Haunted Ventures, we give people the chance to become a ghost hunter for the night. Our team are passionate about the paranormal and we use our many years of experience and research development to provide our customers with the best chance of gathering evidence whilst experiencing real life investigations.

Our team at Haunted Ventures have thoroughly researched the location in preparation for our Kelvedon Hatch ghost hunt. We ensure that all historical facts of the location are as correct and accurate as possible. This is a crucial part of the investigation we will be participating in, not only does it help us be efficient and effective during the hunt but it also increases our chances of gathering paranormal evidence.

The Kelvedon Hatch ghost hunt takes place at what looks like a small innocent cottage but this bunker has a big secret. It was constructed n 1952 and below the cottage is a secret three-floor nuclear bunker that expands 38 meters below ground and once inside is up to 91 metres in length. During the building of the bunker and ancient burial ground was discovered which may explain some of the paranormal activity found here. Kelvedon Hatch was intended to increase Britain's air defence network against the Russians and the bunker was home to 600 people who worked here for 3 months at a time. Apparitions and poltergeist activity have been witnessed on many paranormal investigations during Kelvedon Hatch ghost hunts. A couple of the reported haunting include an RAF officer who is known to roam the bunker like he is on duty and also a foreman who went missing on his shift was suspected to have accidentally fallen into the concrete pour and buried alive.

We cannot express enough how authentic our events are. We never stage any paranormal activity and anything found or experienced will be completely genuine and sometimes unexpected. Unfortunately, this does mean that paranormal evidence cannot be guaranteed at our events but we would rather our customers find a lack of evidence during our Kelvedon Hatch ghost hunt rather than experience something fabricated. When something does happen during our events, which it frequently does, you can be confident that through the excessive research done by our team of the location, it is completely genuine.

You can book your Kelvedon Hatch ghost hunt on our website, you will also find more information about the hunt including prices per person and our next available dates. If you have any questions at all you can also call us on 07546224393and a member of our team will be able to assist you further.