St Johns House Ghost Hunt

St Johns House

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The site on which St John’s House stands dates back almost 900 years. In the mid-12th century the establishment was used as a hospital. The hospitals purpose was to help the sick and poor locals but also to provide overnight boarding and food to travellers and pilgrims. There was also a cemetery on site which was the resting place of many who died here.

St Johns House is located in Warwick. It is now used as a museum in the day but don’t be fooled this museum transforms at night. There have been reports by visitors of hearing children’s voices and laughter. Dark shadows accompanied by footsteps have also been heard. Reports of unexplainable odours too.

There are two sisters said to haunt St Johns house, who names were Jane Stoughton and Ann Stoughton. Both of their lives came to very abrupt end here when St Johns house was used as a residence.

Jane Stoughton returned home to find her fire in need of more fuel. As she was refuelling her fire a piece of her clothing set alight and was she terribly burned. She later died as a result from her injuries.

Ann Stoughton is said to literally been scared to death as a result of a burglar breaking an entry and holding a sharp weapon to her throat.

With such a rich history and reports of death both by accidents and by poor health when used a hospital makes this a big cauldron for paranormal activity. St Johns Museum is said to be so active that the more sensitive visitor may want to think twice before attending.

St Johns House Ghost Hunt

St Johns House




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